Farm and History

Thackwood_Farm_History_2 Thackwood_Farm_History Farm


The original homestead, Thackwood (as depicted in the watercolour on this page), was the Nelson home of politician and New Zealand Company agent Francis Jollie, here he grew the first hops in New Zealand.

The Gill family originated from Baltonsborough in Somerset, England, they arrived in New Zealand on the “Mary Ann” in 1851, and within a few years William Gill had purchased the Jollie land and established a small farm.

Over the years the family farm grew, and today Thackwood Cottage, (owned by Murray Gill, great-grandson of William, and his wife Karen) is set within 300 acres of farmland and steeped in history.

When you choose to hold your event at Thackwood or stay as a guest, you become part of that history, you will wander around gardens that are planted upon the fertile farmlands of our Gill forefathers. Your event may last a day, your holiday longer, but your memories will be cherished forever…

If you’re staying at Thackwood, take a hike out in the fresh air and explore all that it has to offer. This special retreat on our fourth generation farm includes a spectacular walkway with fabulous views overlooking the picturesque Tasman Bay and Abel Tasman National Park. Take a stroll up into the rolling  foothills and discover farm animals and bird life.

You could spy a sole heron preening in a field, or stumble upon a herd of cattle on the way to the milking shed… a mother duck feeding her ducklings on the pond, or farm dogs sternly mustering black-faced sheep in a paddock overlooking the sea.

There’s lots to discover at Thackwood Cottage, only metres away from your accommodation. Saunter for a few minutes and you’ll be glad you did.